Receiving feedback is what makes me so passionate about my job – seeing the positive changes and the impact this then takes on an individuals life.

Client A

My 6 year old daughter was involved in a car accident, which in the weeks that followed left her extremely anxious about travelling in a car again, and in particular travelling on motorways. I contacted Sapna and following an assessment, we agreed to a course of 12 play therapy sessions. The sessions were initially close together, every couple of weeks, but once a relationship had been established, Sapna and my daughter met every month.

I waited outside during the sessions, and was careful not to ask my daughter too much about what she had done. The sessions were her own private space to talk about what happened if she wanted too. Every four weeks, Sapna and I had a brief review meeting. During the course of the sessions, we moved house and my daughter started a new school, so I was able to alert Sapna to this during the updates.

Mid-way through the play therapy sessions I began to see some changes, small ones at first, such as asking me to help her count how many junctions we would be on the Motorway, and then eventually a longer trip of two hours was achieved. My daughter regained most of her confidence in travelling in a car by the end of the sessions, but more importantly had become more resilient as a child, coping with major changes which came her way during the 9 month period the sessions stretched over.

Every parent wants to support their child in the best way they can, but there are some things that are just too big for parents to deal with alone. Getting help from Sapna meant that I did not have to provide all the answers for my daughter. She was able to find them for herself, and along with answers, she found a new set of coping skills that will be with her for life. She shared with me the art work that she had produced during her sessions, and she wrote some words about her experience in her last session. She formed a strong bond with Sapna and had a great respect for her.

Sapna is first and foremost a professional and experienced therapist, but she is also a kind and thoughtful person, which makes her easy to approach. She provided a brilliant, affordable service to my family for which I am extremely grateful. I would not hesitate in recommending her.

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