World Suicide Prevention Day

10th September is World Suicide Prevention Day, the message is clear,we need to talk. The statistics say that men are more likely to commit suicide,gender isn’t the issue but generally they find it harder to say how they feel or to think its okay to say how they feel. I know people who have been personally affected by this. I have worked with people who this is real. I witness this with personal relationships, I have had ‘dark’ times, I have to have the conversations with people I love and care about to talk things through and them not to choose that option. The message for so many things is prevention,but this so much more. If you are worried about someone,ask them,talk to them,better to have been wrong but to have checked.



I like, like a lot of people have recently watched the new series on television called ‘humans’ after all the hype. For those that haven’t watched it, in a nutshell, it was about the concept of having ‘robots’ in the home to assist us, they do your ironing, washing up,cleaning and so forth. I found the first two intriguing and had to watch the rest. The second half gets a bit more sinister and blurs the line between what is acceptable and not, and how much we allow the robots to assists us. But for me it was much more whilst watching it,it made me question a number of things, the quiet straightforward ones such as ‘how useful would it be,to have a robot to help me? ‘how would it feel to have a stranger in our home all the time?would it change the dynamics?

But then it made me wonder as the lines become blurred on what people were seeking from the robot,companionship, a sexual relationship, intimacy. It made me wonder about life now and how many people I work with or know,life gets busy,they are going through the motions,being there but not having conversations, or communiating via texts, spending more time on social media than each other.

I won’t go into what happens in detail and what you discover as the programme continues, but its a great reminder of relationships, and how there is so much more to life than just going through the motions, laugh,spend time together, say how you feel,call each other,write letters, feel.