A recommendation is the best compliment my service can receive!

I am as always so grateful as always that most of my business comes from word of mouth aka recommendations.

Some come from colleagues I’ve work with, who know how I work and have seen the work I’ve done with children, colleagues or sometimes with them. They have often needed a chat and to sound off how they feel about things and they always say what I said or did,helped.

The majority of my referrals come from previous clients who have recommended me to someone they know after seeing the results of coming to see me for themselves. It is often stated that people are much quicker to complain than they are to share a positive experience. Because of ethical issues I have to judge whether I can take the new client on depending on how they know my previous client and what the connection is.

The most popular recommendations I have,has been from parents who have seen how their children have progressed and also how their parent-child relationship has developed. I was very impressed when a child child of mine asked for some business cards to share with her friends. She felt proud she was seeing me and she saw it as a positive place to be and there wasn’t anyone she knew who hadn’t noticed the changes in how she was,calmer, settled and able to see other people’s point of view.

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you and that a recommendation of my work really is the best compliment I can receive.

The power of empathy

Empathy. What is it?

In many therapeutic models it is described as putting yourself in someone’s shoes.

My experience is saying ‘I know how you feel’ and you do. A recent situation reminded me about the power of empathy. A friend and neighbour had lost their grandparent, they cried when I spoke to them on the last day they visited their grandfather because of the pain he was in and the start of her feeling of loss. All day and many days after I was exactly back to the way I felt when I lost my grandmother.

A day of clients ahead of me, even though I didn’t find it appropriate to share how I felt at that point, I was aware of what I was feeling and taking care of myself on those days – recognising the loss I felt. To my friend saying clich├ęs such as ‘time heals’, ‘it’s for the best’ were not an empathetic or indeed a real response. I told her to expect the pain, that her head would hurt – it’s the sharpest pain and you don’t know how to get through each day.

Many people avoid others when they don’t know what to say, but just a bit of contact makes all the difference. One of the most heartbreaking responses I heard from what I thought was one of my closest friend was: ‘what’s the point of crying?, you are hurting your grandma by doing that.’ Later she said she didn’t know what to say, but I wish she said that to me instead.

I have realised, in both my private and professional life what the difference is between an sympathetic response and an empathetic response. Empathy allows you to reach a deeper level of emotion – it gives you a shared connection.